Eighty8 Boost Pilates+

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Finding it hard to commit to training right now? Let’s dedicate yourself for the next 12 weeks to moving your body and getting strong. Receiving deep inner core strength, finding body awareness and improving your mobility in every part of your body.

Throughout the 12 weeks you’ll be working on those smaller muscle groups that are can be neglected in other forms of exercise or training programs. We aim to strengthen the surrounding joints allowing you to excel in other forms of training and every day life activities. If you currently have any restrictions or long term injuries, with the support of the carriage and resistance reformer Pilates will allow you to move in a way you might not have moved in a long time.

Dedicate 12 weeks to lengthen and strengthen your body, to feel and look strong from the inside out!

What’s on offer:

✅12 weeks unlimited access to Pilates+ reformer & mat class types
✅Available to all training levels
✅Dietitian consultations and packages available.
✅In-house physio for optimal recovery, injury prevention and improved performance. ✅No joining fees