Eighty8 Winter Boost

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Take your training game to the next level this Winter with our 12 week training program Winter Boost. Aiming to build on your training foundations set this year or looking for that

extra group motivation this Winter, our 12 week program provides a platform for you to get Fitter, faster, leaner and stronger.

Utilising some of the best in game coaches and allied health professionals, the Winter boost programs offers structured, progressive programming and member testing, that provides a platform for all Eighty8 members to improve their daily training & health habits, increase overall strength/conditioning/mobility and reduce risk to injury, taking training performance to the next level!

Tailored nutrition consultations and 12 week nutrition packages are available with our in house Eighty8 dietitian, Loren Chambers, to help refuel, improve recovery/performance and assist in building long term healthy habits. Our packs include one on one consultations at Week 1 and 12 and follow up appointments at weeks 3,6 and 9. Nutrition packs can be purchased separately or in conjunction with your 12 week training membership.

What’s on offer:

✅12 weeks unlimited classes or PT access. 12 week Memberships available for both Eighty8 and Pilates Reformer
✅Access to all strength, conditioning, mobility, Pilates reformer & mat class types. ✅Strength and conditioning benchmarking/testing with your Eighty8 coaches
✅Access to two training facilities and over 10 class times per day.
✅24/7 general gym access
✅Available to all training levels
✅Dietitian consultations and packages available.
✅In-house physio for optimal recovery, injury prevention and improved performance. ✅No joining fees